Licensing Policy

All SublimeTheme themes are 100% GPL compatible. Hence, they are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). It means you get the freedom to modify and use our products on as many sites as you need.

Currently, we don’t have a lifetime license only a yearly subscription. When you purchase any premium SublimeTheme, you access one domain license (GPL license) and one year of theme updates. In addition, you will get 12 months of free support. Here, we give dedicated support services for the pro themes. We even offer regular support for the free themes, but priority will always be given to the premium ones. 

You can contact our support team using the email address you will get during the purchase.

Remember! An active license key is necessary for theme updates and support. You will get the key when buying the pro theme, which will be valid for a year. 

After one year, if you want to get theme updates and support, you need to renew the theme license. You pay the renewal fee that covers support and theme updates. We will keep on providing world-class support, enhance theme quality, and keep on updating the required features.  

Even if you don’t renew the theme license, you can use SublimeTheme themes for a lifetime. Nevertheless, without theme renewal, you will not be able to update themes and access priority support. Nonetheless, you can count on the regular support from our team.

Updated On: 19 Jan, 2022

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